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From tax foreclosure to urban farming: Highlights from the 2018 Governmental Research Association Conference

Meet the future “meaning makers” and “wayfinders” of our world, meet the GRA

The business of think tanks is changing, and EdNC’s Rash is leading the way nationally

Officers, awards, and photos from the 2018 Governmental Research Association conference

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The business of think tanks is changing, and the Governmental Research Association is changing too.

Take a look at our new website! Thanks to Barb Baranski and Nancy Rose for building it so quickly!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Please post things you are reading, reports you are publishing, events you holding for all of us to know about!

This marks the first edition of a new monthly GRA Reporter to the members of the GRA. This newsletter runs off an RSS feed. Please send Nancy Rose, the GRA secretary, the RSS feed you would like us to use. Her email is

We’ll be trying some new things this year. We will hold “office hours” on the first Monday of every month at 4:30. We will rotate topics such as communication strategies, impact, fundraising, etc. You can also bring your GRA questions, concerns, hopes, and dreams.

Mebane Rash, our president, will be visiting GRA leaders and organizations to raise the profile of our leadership and our work. She has already been to see Phyllis in Colorado and Jeff in Philly. Marci is coming to NC, and then Mebane will head west to see Kriss in Seattle and Eric in Detroit. We will be convening GRA orgs in Massachusetts and Louisiana.

Here is the video of David Osborne from the GRA conference in Detroit. Please share it with your networks.