GRA Awards

We are seeking submissions for 2024 awards.

Recognizing excellence in government research

Governmental Research Association awards recognize exceptional research and educational efforts regarding state, regional and local governmental issues performed by the association’s members.

The awards competition, judged by fellow GRA members, offers staff of member organizations and individual members the chance to showcase their work and learn from their peers, with the goal of enhancing the quality of the GRA’s contribution to governmental research.


Think your organization can win?

GRA members can file a submission to be considered for any of the following awards.

Research and Education Awards

This award recognizes an outstanding research effort by a governmental research agency or individual GRA member. 

The award is based on the challenge of the subject matter, the degree to which the study is ground-breaking, and how well the basic purpose of the report is carried out. 

Other criteria include: the use of new and/or innovative research methods, or new and/or innovative uses of existing methods; usefulness of the study to other states and/or municipalities; and whether or not the subject is one of critical national, regional, or local concern or costs.

This award recognizes tangible improvements in public policy, management, service delivery, and/or cost savings resulting from the research and recommendations of a governmental research agency or individual GRA member. 

The award may also take into account the qualitative characteristics of the relevant research.

This award recognizes research, communication, and educational activities by a governmental research agency or individual GRA member that are intended to educate the public and/or public officials on governmental matters, without necessarily making a recommendation(s) for change.

Award entries should demonstrate how the publication(s) and/or educational activities expanded public awareness of an important government issue and how the work contributed to more informed discourse and public decision making.

Consideration will be given to how the original written research was used in various communication and educational methods, including short-form and journalistic-style publications and materials. Entries should highlight the most effective presentation methods used to achieve a greater public awareness of the matter.


A graphical or audiovisual presentation of data that communicates information clearly and efficiently. Examples of acceptable formats include, but are not limited to, infographics, interactive maps and charts, dashboards, podcasts or video. Consideration will be given to both aesthetics and functionality.

A short-form article, column, or blog post of no more than 2,000 words, published on the member’s website or an external website, that explains, analyzes, and/or comments on a governmental issue in a clear and accessible manner. Consideration will be given to form, style, and content.

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