The Governmental Research Association was established in 1914 and is the national organization of individuals professionally engaged in governmental research. The purpose of the Association is to encourage individuals and organizations to engage in governmental research in the general interest. Governmental research involves the collection, analysis, and distribution of factual information on governmental activities to citizens and officials for the improvement of government and the reduction of its cost. In furtherance of this aim, the Association works to foster the establishment of governmental research agencies, aid and coordinate the activities of governmental research agencies, facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among the professional staff of such agencies, and undertake other related activities.


Membership in the Association is open to anyone who supports the purposes of the Association. Generally, members of GRA are employed by organizations (usually non-profit) whose course of business involves the study, analysis, and reporting of state, local, or state and local governmental policies. Dues for membership are $200 annually for an individual, $450 for an organization. Applications for membership should be addressed to: Governmental Research Association, c/o Washington Research Council, 520 Pike Street, Suite 1212, Seattle, WA 98101.


GRA holds an Annual Conference at which its members meet to discuss professional matters and to exchange ideas. This annual conference involves sessions to discuss topics current to state and/or local government policy, to promote collaborative research among the several organizations, and to promote effective and efficient operation of the organizations (marketing, fund raising, communication, etc.). Efforts are made to rotate the conference from eastern to central and western parts of the nation.