2021 GRA Virtual Policy Conference – Agenda and Materials

GRA May 14, 2021: Education Discussion

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Announcement: 2021 GRA Awards Open for Applications!

Governmental Research Association, User Groups and their Role in Fiscal Oversight and Transparency

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GRA and the Civic Federation welcome you and your entire team to join us July 19-21 for the virtual GRA conference. We will be using the Gatherly platform, which mimics the interactivity of an in-person event while allowing for the flexibility of an online conference. Tickets are $50, which we hope is a price point that will allow you to send your whole team. The virtual platform will also allow us to provide content that will interest your communications, development and operations staff as well as researchers and leadership.

The format will be similar to the in-person conferences of prior years with three part-days of excellent panel discussions, an awards “luncheon” with keynote speaker and presentation of the GRA Awards and opportunities to connect and catch up. We will be announcing our lineup of speakers in the coming days, so register now and reserve your spot! Click here to access the conference page and click here to register via Eventbrite. Once you are registered, you will receive additional information about how to use the Gatherly platform.

If you missed last Friday’s excellent discussion of education funding issues, fear not! We recorded it and, thanks to EdNC, we also have a graphic recording of the event that we will be sharing on the GRA website. Many thanks to all of our speakers and everyone who participated!

Finally, the Worcester Regional Research Bureau is hiring a full-time Research Associate. Candidates should submit their applications to jobs@wrrb.org.

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