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Many thanks to everyone who attended the first (and hopefully only) virtual GRA Annual Meeting on August 3rd! As I noted in my remarks, crisis times of the kind we face now are when our work as government researchers shines the brightest, but it is also when we need each other the most. Click here to watch a recording of the meeting.

In the midst of a pandemic and ongoing economic disruption, the governments we study need our counsel and nonpartisan analysis more than ever. In response to that need, our organizations have been more prolific than ever. We want to highlight that excellent work here in the Reporter, on the GRA website and on our special dedicated coronavirus-related research page.

In just the past few weeks, Utah Foundation examined Medicaid trends in that state during the pandemic, the Citizens Research Council analyzed the impact of COVID-19 on the State of Michigan’s cash position, the Wisconsin Policy Forum looked at the challenges facing artists and arts and culture organizations due to the pandemic and the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana provided data and analysis on critical measures of hospitalizations during the pandemic. And this is just a taste—head on over to the GRA website or use the links below for more.

In other news, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board has two opportunities that may appeal to GRA members. We will send out an email to all our followers with that information in the near future. We will also be in touch about opportunities to gather virtually in the coming months.

If you have any questions or comments or submissions, you can send them to Sarah at or Cree at Your articles for us to feature should be in a text-only format and include a featured image, an author bio (individual or organization), and an image to go with the bio (picture of author or an organization logo).

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