Governmental Research Association, User Groups and their Role in Fiscal Oversight and Transparency

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Rob Henken named Milwaukee Rotary Person of the Year 2019

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Due to COVID-19 the Governmental Research Association will no longer hold its annual conference in late July of 2020. The GRA 2020 annual business meeting for all members will take place virtually by Zoom on Monday, August, 3rd from 4:00 to 6:00 pm EST. Because we will not hold an annual conference, there will be no awards this year. Each attendee must register HERE.

We know disruption prompts systems change. As our local and state governments continue on during the outbreak of COVID-19, our member organizations are taking action providing their citizens with the best information and resources possible. See our members’ research housed here on the coronavirus tab of our GRA homepage.

This month, the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia launched a special Leading Indicator series called The Color of Inequality to provide context and data to inform ongoing conversations about structural racism and illustrate how these enduring inequalities have shaped present-day neighborhood and civic relations in Philadelphia. For more read The Color of Inequality Part 1: Housing and the Built Environment; and The Color of Inequality Part 2: Race, Place, and Crime.

When disruption happens, change management becomes even more important as we collectively reinvent the world as we know it. 2020 matters. When we teach people about our work, we create awareness about public problems, we reorient the focus towards the solutions, and we lay the groundwork for change. Join us. Share what your organization is doing during the COVID-19 emergency with Nate Barilich of EducationNC.

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Teachersplaining is strong as well these days. So many experts now telling us what we’ve been saying for so long.

From @ResearchBureau1: Take a look into Boston's FY21 recommended $3.65B budget and the City's priorities and upcoming challenges for the City's revenues in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

In La Crosse & Eau Claire, @WIProudTV covers our latest research -- which examines the WI Legislature's debate on #COVID19 relief in the context of what other states are doing.

Our latest report on Florida's top public employers shows that a single government entity is the largest employer in the county in 61 of Florida’s 67 counties! Learn more: #TaxWatchFTW

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