The Frederick P. Gruenberg Award is the highest honor that the Governmental Research individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of governmental research during their careers.

Recipients are selected by the GRA Officers and Trustees based on a consideration of factors that may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Overall contribution to the field of governmental research.
  2. Length of full-time professional service in governmental research.
  3. Excellence in the field of governmental research as demonstrated by:
    1. Tangible impact on government fiscal, public policy, management, operations, and governance issues as a result of published reports and other activities.
    2. Effectiveness in communicating fiscal and public policy problems or issues in a manner that broadens awareness or understanding by government officials and the general public.
    3. Innovations in the field of governmental research and creative use of existing or new research methods. 
    4. Recognition by peers through receipt of GRA and other leadership awards.
    5. Political astuteness in dealing with complex research and personal relationships.
    6. Personal and professional character of leadership in their organization, the GRA, and the community they serve.
  4. Support of the GRA through service in leadership positions, involvement on annual conference panels or GRA committees, or other organizational involvement, including hosting the annual conference.
  5. Mentoring of policy professionals in their organization, the GRA, or the community they serve.
  6. Nominees may be transitioning to other organizations or careers, or they may be retiring. The award is given at the time of transition or retirement but may be recognized at the annual conference. Leaders of GRA organizations other than the executive director may be nominated in consultation with their organizational leadership. Since the award is given on transition or retirement, it need not be given every year.
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