Getting clear on K-12 spending, outcomes – and goals

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When the question of K-12 spending comes up in Utah’s public policy circles, someone is bound to mention: “We spend the least per student in the nation.”

Though ranking last may induce shame, the real issue is not how much …

Utah: Helping criminal offenders find freedom

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Somewhere in our state right now, an inmate is struggling with the slavery of substance abuse. He has fallen into a downward spiral of addiction and criminality, and has landed behind bars.

Drug use and crime are often entangled. Some …

Utah Foundation’s health cost series examines cost drivers


In 2016, Utah Foundation’s Priorities Project found that the cost of health care was Utahns’ biggest concern. In response, Utah Foundation produced a three-part Utah health cost series from December 2017 to June 2018. The series provides an analysis of …