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2023 Conference: Panel Recaps

Reinventing Worcester

By Paul Matthews,
Executive Director,
Worcester Regional Research Bureau

GRA members learned about the impressive changes in Worcester on Tuesday afternoon. Paul Matthews kicked off the discussion with several graphics on demographic changes in the city with Worcester currently boasting its highest population since at over 206,000 people. The population has been consistently young, increasingly skilled, and increasingly diverse! 

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The next part of the presentation was a captivating discussion with Senate President Harriette Chandler, Worcester CFO Tim McGourthy, Ché Anderson from UMass Chan Medical School, and Tim Murray, President of the Worcester Chamber of Commerce. Each offered a unique perspective on the development in the city, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and creativity in the city. Data driven change and strategic requests to the state set Worcester up for success which is clearly illustrated by its growth. Moreover, recognizing diversity as an asset of the city will allow for further progress. However, several challenges remain; including more effective public transit and expanded housing access for low income residents. Worcester will continue to channel its “collaborative gene” in order to address these future challenges. 

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