COVID-19 and the response from member organizations

Due to COVID-19 the Governmental Research Association will no longer hold its annual conference in late July of 2020. We know disruption prompts systems change. As our local and state governments brace themselves during the outbreak of COVID-19, our member organizations are taking action providing their citizens with the best information and resources possible.

Remember Katrina and the impact on New Orleans? In a recent podcast, Peter Reichard of the Utah Foundation examines the lessons learned from being on the front lines of Hurricane Katrina and explores how the COVID-19 crisis may change things forever.

Ryan Hankins and the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, in support of the work of the government and health care professionals involved in the COVID-19 containment effort, is gathering information and resources as the situation unfolds in real-time.

Jeff Hornstein of the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia published an article titled, “Equity and Planning for Post-COVID-19 Philadelphia,” arguing that the city of Philadelphia should not let this crisis drive a larger equity gap than the one that already exists in the fields of education, medicine, and hospitality. The Economy League will continue its PAGE Prep program to ensure opportunity will exist during and beyond COVID-19 for diverse businesses.

When disruption happens, change management becomes even more important as we collectively reinvent the world as we know it. 2020 matters. When we teach people about our work, we create awareness about public problems, we reorient the focus towards the solutions, and we lay the groundwork for change. Join us. Share what your organization is doing during the COVID-19 emergency with Nate Barilich of EducationNC.

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