Annual Meeting Registration & Worcester Broadband

The GRA 2020 annual business meeting for all members will take place virtually by Zoom on Monday, August, 3rd from 4:00 to 6:00 pm EST. Each attendee must register HERE.

We know disruption prompts systems change. As our local and state governments continue on during the outbreak of COVID-19, our member organizations are taking action providing their citizens with the best information and resources possible. This past month, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation released a report on the pandemic’s deep impact on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority operating budget that was in balance in FY 19 and is now moving backward toward a deficit. See our members’ research housed here on the coronavirus tab of our GRA homepage.

Last week, the Boston Municipal Research Bureau released a special update: Boston Police Budget in Context. Boston’s reallocated $12M from the Police Department’s overtime budget to other spending areas. According to BMRB, “The reallocation of the $12M sets the stage for a larger discussion about how City resources will be directed to law enforcement and other departments providing support to Boston communities.” Learn more in this update how Boston’s General Fund spending has grown by $1.19B or 49.0% from FY11 through the recently approved FY21 budget.

When disruption happens, change management becomes even more important as we collectively reinvent the world as we know it. 2020 matters. When we teach people about our work, we create awareness about public problems, we reorient the focus towards the solutions, and we lay the groundwork for change. Join us. Share what your organization is doing during the COVID-19 emergency with Nate Barilich of EducationNC.

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