Seeing Philadelphia through the lens of Detroit


A recent trip to Detroit has me reflecting on my hometown, how far it’s come and by what pathways, and where we are heading.

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Over the three days I spent in Detroit, the people, the place, and the spirit captured …

A visit to the asylum for the politically deranged

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[intro-text]These are the remarks of Peter Reichard, outgoing president of the Governmental Research Association, presented at our annual conference in Detroit in the form of a dream.[/intro-text]

While out walking the other night, I came upon a gray, severe building. …

2018 GRA Policy Conference

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GRA Conference in Detroit in 2018

The Citizens Research Council of Michigan invites you to the Governmental Research Association’s 104th Conference and Annual Meeting in Detroit, MI, from July 29 – August 1, 2018.

Detroit is an …